Learning and Regional/Devolved Nations

Learning and Regional/Devolved Nations Networks

Introduction from Kris Hendry

Learning and Regional/Devolved Nations Networks Organiser


Seems as good a place as any to start doesn’t it.

My name is Kris Hendry and I am Proud’s new organiser for Learning and the Regional/Devolved Nations Networks for the year ahead. Over the past year I have served as Proud’s regional rep for the Scotland network and, along with my co rep Derek Bradford, have worked to try and raise Proud’s profile within PCS, as well as among the wider community, in Scotland. Something I want to work towards doing for all of our members across Proud, regardless of location.

The year ahead promises to be a busy one for Proud following the AGM and it is important that we hit the ground running as we’re only a matter of weeks away from elections across the UK for local governments and assemblies. And while much of the UK’s equality legislation remains under the control of Westminster it is possible for us to make advances for our community through local assemblies and parliaments, an opportunity we need to take advantage of whenever we can.

But it is important that you, our members, lead the way by telling Proud what your concerns and priorities are so please feel free to contact your regional rep and/or myself so we can ensure any campaigning work is based on what you want from the National Committee.

For those present at the AGM we also heard from our new head of Political Campaigning and Equality, the phenomenal Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah. Phyll discussed the successful equality work of PCS but also reflected on tough issues facing all of us in regards to building connections across our equality networks as an attack on one group is an attack on equality in general.

As Learning rep for Proud I want to work on building and providing the resources that you, our members, want and need in order to continue the successful work Proud has undertaken in the past and to take it even further in partnership with our brothers and sisters across PCS’ equality groups.

And that’s where you come in. What information or resources do you, our members want from Proud to support you? Whether it’s for raising your own knowledge of an issue within our community, materials for publicising Proud within your local Branch or campaigning on equality matters I will endeavour to support you as much as I can.

This year will also see the return of PCS and Proud’s member seminar. These events serve as an excellent opportunity to speak to you face to face and to help empower you to get more involved within PCS and Proud. Something I am well aware of as it was through attending my first Proud seminar in Glasgow many years ago that I took the first step into becoming active within Proud and I am hugely excited at the prospect of the seminar later in the year.

However everyday many across the country suffer due to the ideological attacks of our current Tory Government so it is vital that this work begins now, so if you have an issue or matter you would like me to consider regarding learning or for our regional networks then please feel free to contact me on khendrypcs@gmail.com or you can also contact Proud themselves directly.

Here’s to a challenging but hopefully positive year ahead. I look forward to working with all of you to help Proud grow and to continue the amazing work that has gone before us.