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Training - Basic (Stage 1)

Details and an application form for the 2010 Stage 1 training are now available here.

Aimed initially at Proud members, this course has also developed into a training package which has been rolled out to PCS regional offices as well as certain agencies within the Civil Service.

The basic aim of the event is for delegates to recognise homophobia in all its wicked forms, to discuss their own experiences and to look at strategies for tackling these issues in a personal capacity. It then moves on to discuss how an individual should go about taking their problems further, both with their employer and within the PCS.

When run for Proud members, the course is spread over the space of a weekend, commencing on Friday afternoon and ending Sunday afternoon. Friday afternoon and evening usually deal with introductions and icebreaker events.

Saturday and Sunday take in a number of workshops:
Identifying discrimination in the workplace;
‘Coming Out’ in the workplace and the union;
Tackling homophobia;
The Law: an overview;
How to prepare cases.

While the workshops sound daunting and a little ‘dry’, most delegates have reported that they enjoy the chance for discussions and the sharing of experiences. Indeed, many have reported that while they learn a lot about the union and even themselves, one of the most creative functions of these events is their ability to allow delegates to make new friends and develop their own support networks with people from the whole range of employers represented by the PCS.