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Dealing with Sexuality and Transgender issues in the Workplace

This is a two-day course designed for local PCS reps that wish to develop their skills in dealing with diversity issues - specifically in addressing issues faced by LGBT members.

A number of surveys carried out by the TUC and affiliated unions in recent years all reveal that around 50% of LGBT people surveyed have experienced harassment or discrimination at work. Homophobia appears to be the final area of discrimination still widely deemed as acceptable. Legislation introduced in 2003 now protects LGBT people at work, and there have been a number of high profile Employment Tribunal wins with this law this year.

The course aims to raise awareness of the sorts of problems faced by LGBT members, and how they can be addressed. We will look at staff and management attitudes, departmental policies and legislation protecting LGBT members at work.

This course is run through the PCS Regional Centres.

Proud Basic (Stage 1) Training.

This two-day course is designed for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender members of PCS who have not previously attended training on sexuality issues. The event will allow individuals to discuss & exchange experiences, identify sources of discrimination and support and develop strategies for dealing with discrimination in the workplace. This and discussions around ‘coming out’ should help to increase the self-confidence of those attending. The course also looks at existing legislation that protects LGBT people at work.

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Proud Advanced (Stage 2) Training.

The Proud Stage 2 training course is a two-day course that looks at the structures within PCS, identifying LGBT issues in particular and how to raise them and follow their progress through within the union. Workshops cover skills such as: - writing motions, public speaking, and a mock conference, as well as looking at the PCS National Organising Strategy which looks at collective identity and full membership participation in the union’s activities. The course is open to any LGBT members of PCS; especially those who wish to become or already are union activists or representatives, and seeks to encourage their playing a full and active role within PCS.

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Proud Expert (Stage 3) Training.

This is a course designed specifically for PCS representatives, or members who are active within Proud Committee or it’s structures. The issues are quite complex so completion of at least PROUD stage 1 is required to apply. By attending this NVQ 2 accredited course we aim to promote knowledge of international LGBT laws, analyse the facts to create campaigning action plans, share best practice, improve effective communication, use the law to resolve complaints and issue updated guidance on the new Equality Bill and its consequences.

Proud Annual Seminar.

The Proud seminar is open to any PCS member who identifies themselves as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans. The theme of the event will reflect topical issues specific to LGB society. Guest speakers, Question & Answer sessions, exercises and workshops give those attending a safe and supportive opportunity to participate and network.

There are details and application forms for the 2010 PCS LGBT Seminar here.