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Political Concern - CARE

Political concerns

The media has recently reported/exposed the links between Stephen Crabb MP, the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and CARE, a Christian group that has actively campaigned against same sex marriage and has campaigned for the definition of marriage to between a man and a woman.

Whilst PCS Proud has contacted Mr Crabb to confirm whether or not the alleged links to ‘gay cure’ groups will impact our members, we are yet to receive a response. However, the purpose of this briefing is to set out our position quite clearly.

Marriage equality?

PCS Proud do not believe that equal marriage has been achieved. People of the same sex are not allowed to marry in the Church of England or Church in Wales. In Northern Ireland same sex couples are not allowed to marry at all. In addition to this, there are still massive pension inequalities for surviving partners/spouses. There have also been implications for trans members and gender recognition that have seen people forced conform to a convoluted system that does not cater for people who should have their true gender legally recognised.

Definition of marriage:

Whilst CARE believe that the definition of marriage should specify one man and one woman, we believe it is grossly unfair. Why is it unfair? Gender is not binary. People do not necessarily identify as male or female. We believe that marriage should be between two people that are prepared to formalise their relationship. Love does not have a gender, love does not have a religion or belief, a race or any other protected characteristic.

The way forward:

Regardless of the way that our new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions thinks about marriage, sexual orientation or gender identity, equality legislation is in place to protect people with certain characteristics. It is of incredible importance that any instruction, concern or issue that contradicts this equality legislation is raised with PCS immediately.

PCS Proud continues to campaign with members and community groups around the UK to raise awareness of LGBT issues. For more information about Proud, contact Proud@pcs.org.uk or follow @PCS_Proud on twitter.


Dorion Griffiths Eddy Nixon

Proud Chair Proud Secretary

Download a copy of this briefing in a word document here: CARE briefing

Scotland update - March 16

To all Proud members in Scotland - below is a message from Kris Hendry, Proud’s Scotland rep.

Organisation - There have been a couple of changes to how we are organised in Scotland.


Firstly following this year’s AGM, Derek Bradford has made the decision to step back from his role as joint regional rep for Scotland. I would like to thank Derek for his incredible hard work over the last couple of years. His support as I found my feet over the past year has been invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with Derek wherever I can.


Moving forward I will be acting as the Proud Scotland network rep, so if anyone has any issues or other matters they would like to discuss then I can be contacted at khendrypcs@gmail.com, be assured all discussions will be treated in the strictest confidence.


In addition, following PCS’ Strategic Review and the introduction of the Regional Hubs, Helen Flanagan has been assigned as organising support for the Scotland LGBT network to help the work of Proud in Scotland and to help us grow the network further. I’m sure I speak for everyone in welcoming Helen and look forward to working together to advance LGBT equality to benefit our members and our community.


AGM - This year’s National Committee has now been elected at the Proud AGM. The full Committee list is available here. If anyone is interested in any of the vacancies, please feel free to contact either Proud or myself who will be happy to discuss the role with you.


The work of the Committee for the coming year was also agreed as set out in the motions received prior to the AGM and set out in the AGM agenda. If anyone has any points, issues or queries they would like to discuss regarding the Committee’s work then again, please feel free to get in touch.


Learning - This year will see the return of PCS’ Equality Seminar, with Proud/LGBT Seminar currently scheduled for November.


Seminar serves as an important opportunity for members to get together and learn and expand on their knowledge and skills with a view to becoming more involved in Proud and PCS. It’s important that the agenda of seminar focus on where it should, you the members.


If anyone has an area or subject they would like to be considered for the seminar regarding LGBT issues or equality then please feel free to send these to Proud for the National Committee to consider when planning Seminar.


STUC LGBT Conference - Successful delegates have now been informed and, again, a massive thank you to everyone who put themselves forward to represent PCS and Proud at the STUC who were not chosen.


This year PCS will be moving motions on welfare reform, the living wage and the LGBT community as well as Transgender identity, support and legislation. Full details including the agenda will be circulated in due course to keep you up to date on what is happening within the STUC on LGBT equality matters.


Scottish Parliament Elections - As part of the upcoming elections Stonewall Scotland, The Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland and the Scottish Transgender Alliance will be holding an LGBT hustings event on 31st March.


While there are no spaces available to this event, it will be streamed online and questions can be submitted to the panel. For more details visit Stonewall Scotland. It is important that we use these elections as an opportunity to advance LGBT equality wherever we can, if you have any ideas on how we can progress this then please get in touch.


Eurogames 2020 - LEAP Sports Scotland, following the tremendous success of Pride House during the Commonwealth Games, are working on a bid to bring the Eurogames in 2020 to Glasgow.


First held in 1992 the Eurogames are a sports event aimed at LGBTI athletes of all levels, the most recent in Stockholm saw around 5,500 athletes taking part from over 40 countries.


LEAP are looking for support as they #BuildTheBid. For more details on how you can support them, visit the LEAP Sports Website.


Stop Deportation of Beverley Vaanda Kandjiii


In 2013 Beverley and her son arrived in the UK from Namibia claiming asylum. Beverley had fled her home country after experiencing homophobic abuse after previously being forced to marry and suffering no support from the state.


Beverley and her son were taken into custody on Monday 21st March and are in danger due to the threat of being deported on Thursday (24th March).


Can all members please consider signing and sharing this petition calling for the ceasing of her and her son’s deportation

Thank you and please be sure to follow the network on Twitter @pcsscotlgbt.



Kris Hendry

PCS, DMTC East Kilbride Office Secretary

PCS Proud Learning & Regional Organiser

Proud and the strategic review



Members will know that PCS is undergoing a strategic review. It is important that we understand why this is. It is incredibly important that we take stock from time to time to look at how we work and whether there are areas in which we can become more effective. Secondly, the Government make no secret of the fact that the Civil Service and wider public sector is going to be smaller than we have known for many, many years.

It therefore follows that PCS needs to make sure that members are protected, that inequality and injustice in the workplace is dealt with effectively.

PCS Proud’s National Committee is asking members to read the PCS strategic review consultation document (which can be accessed here) and to provide your views to form the PCS Proud response.

When considering this we would also ask members to consider the following:

  • How do you think the union could change the LGBT seminar/training that’s provided?
  • Would you do anything different in terms of providing people with LGBT training?
  • Is there anything you would do to introduce or change equality in your branch, region, group?
  • Do you think there could be any changes to the way Proud is structured?
  • Are there any questions you would ask the Proud NC?
If you would like to contribute to the Proud NC response then either complete the form below or email Secretary@pcsproud.org.uk.