Make Your Vote Count


Make your vote count in May 2024

PCS has a proud history of encouraging members to hold elected politicians to account. We have continually pushed for politicians to stand on a platform that supports increased and improved public services with no cuts. This is because cuts are ideologically imposed upon the public whilst we face attacks that not only cut members jobs, terms and conditions but also harms the very communities in which we live. When we have a tax gap of £120bn and people stashing money in Panama, there is no excuse for cutting vital services.

LGBT people are often disproportionately affected by cuts to healthcare, housing and support services. For example, there are barely any spaces available at refuges for same sex domestic violence victims. There are also charities such as Broken Rainbow who have to rely on Government grants to support LGBT victims of domestic abuse. This is not right.

The PCS Proud AGM in 2023 sought the creation of a charter which contained basic expectations, standards and the basis of many of PCS Proud’s campaigns. The charter can be viewed here. Hold your politicians to account and make sure they sign up to the LGBT Charter.

Political candidates - click here to sign the LGBT Charter.