The voice of LGBT members of PCS

Open Letter to Germaine Greer


Dear Germaine

PCS Proud represents LGBT people who are members of the PCS Union in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Our definition of LGBT, as democratically decided by our members, refers to those who are not heterosexual, or, those who do not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth.

We were dismayed and, quite frankly, disgusted at the terrible language you have used in reference to people who are Trans. Whilst swearing and foul language is one thing, the terminology you have used is simply offensive and ill-informed.

You keep referring to the physical act of changing genitalia. There is so much more to gender than just re-assignment surgery. The fact that you don’t know this, and are not prepared to accept it, is saddening.

PCS Proud condemns the fact that you have used widespread publicity to air views that will potentially damage lives. Trans people have to face barriers that exist purely because of ignorance and prejudice. The media hounded a teacher called Lucy Meadows to the point that she committed suicide. A Trans police officer was bullied to the point that she had to leave her job. These are just two of many examples of how the prejudice you so freely pedal damages the lives of Trans people, and in some cases, sadly, end them.

Whatever your views are, PCS Proud would like you to keep them to yourself. The comments you have made in a matter of minutes, to the shock and amazement of organisations that support trans people, may take decades of work to counter as we struggle to raise awareness and help society change.

The cost of your comments could potentially be very dear: lives could be lost; families devastated; and the position of the Trans community made even worse by a deepening of societies bigotry towards them. Please stop.



Steven Heyward Saorsa Tweedale

Secretary Trans Member’s Rep

On behalf of PCS Proud’s National Committee



[Notes to editors]

PCS Proud is the voice of LGBT members of the Public and Commercial Services Union which includes Civil Servants and private sector workers on Government contracts.

PCS Proud’s website is and email is

Secretary, Steve Heyward, is available to speak to media on 07471195587.


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