The PCS Proud LGBT Charter calls for a basic set of standards that all LGBT people should be able to expect.

Our charter has also been translated into Welsh. Please go to for more information.

The charter PDF can be downloaded here and calls for the following:

At work

I expect:

  • To be able to do my job without hindrance on the basis of my sexuality or gender identity
  • To be free to be myself in the workplace without fear of discrimination or harassment
  • To have my performance judged on merit, not my sexuality or gender identity
  • To be supported by my colleagues in the event of making a legitimate complaint of discrimination, bullying or harassment
  • My colleagues to have been given appropriate training in equality and diversity
  • My PCS representatives to be supportive when I raise an LGBT specific issue
  • Management to actively deal with any issues arising as a result of the above points in a delicate, sensitive, caring manner.

Outside of work

I believe:

  • That people are people, regardless of sexuality or gender identity
  • That all hate crimes, abuse, discrimination, harassment should be reported to the necessary authorities
  • That members of the LGBT community should support each other in times of distress
  • That politicians elected to represent me and police officers here to serve the public should deal with LGBT issues in a sensitive and effective manner and not operate in a way that detrimentally impacts LGBT equality.

Wider Social Policy

I believe in the following principles:

  • There should be no cuts to LGBT services
  • LGBT charities should not have their government grants cut, but should have them increased
  • Pride events should be not for profit events that are a celebration of equality and a chance to protest and encourage the politicisation of the LGBT community
  • State protection should be afforded to LGBT people in situations of domestic violence when seeking help
  • Asylum seekers who are seeking freedom from persecution because of their (real or perceived) sexuality or gender identity should be given the appropriate support by the government
  • There should be no country that imposes anti-LGBT laws
  • There should be no LGBT hate crime in society
  • LGBT issues should feature in the education system
  • There must be a concerted effort to stamp out terms such as “gay” and “queer” as derogatory remarks.

If you are a politician seeking an election to a local council, Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, The Welsh Assembly or the Northern Ireland Assembly, and you wish to publicly support our charter, please complete the following form: