PCS Political Fund


PCS is asking members to vote in the political fund ballot which will run from 19 October 2023 until 11 November 2023.


Trade unions must have a political fund to campaign on political issues, this is the law. An alternative to austerity, equal marriage and proper treatment for asylum seekers (issues that PCS PROUD have campaigned on) could be considered political issues.

In order to have and maintain the political fund, there must be a ballot of all of the members every 10 years.

PCS is not asking you to vote on the way in which the political fund is used. As you know, we are a politically independent trade union. Instead we challenge candidates to promote, adhere to and push the PCS pledges that are part of the PCS Make Your Vote Count campaign.

This ballot is purely about having a political fund, not how the fund is used!

You can read more about the importance of this ballot in the Political Fund Booklet.

“As an officer of Proud I have seen motions to our AGM each year that call for us to challenge Government, demand a fair life for LGBT people across the world, take part in the Make Your Vote Count Campaign and more. Without a fund, PCS would not be able to campaign on these important issues.” Says Dorion Griffiths, Proud Organiser for Communications and Campaigns.

The PCS Proud National Committee invite you to vote in favour of the keeping the fund as soon as you receive your ballot paper.

If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact Steve Heyward (Proud Secretary) on Proud@pcs.org.uk

Don’t worry, we will remind you again once the ballot opens.

Steven Heyward Clare Bat Or

Proud Secretary Proud Chair