Branch Membership - Model Motion

This model motion for Branch Annual General Meetings can be used/changed to suit the needs of the branch or group that wishes to support Proud.

This branch agrees that the voice of LGBT members of the union is particularly important when we are seeing attacks on funding of LGBT organisations, pension inequality and ‘faux-equality’ in marriage.

This branch agrees that PCS Proud’s work raises the profile of LGBT issues within our union. Proud has provided support on LGBT issues in personal cases and other aspects of the union’s work.

This branch therefore agrees to support the work of our LGBT activists by donating £20 a year to PCS Proud.


Speakers notes:

  • PCS Proud represents people who are LGBT. LGBT means those who are not heterosexual OR those who do not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth.
  • Equal Marriage is not UK wide at all. Northern Ireland colleagues are unable to have same sex marriages. In other parts of the UK, the Church of England and Church in Wales are not legally able to marry a same sex couple.
  • Pension inequality sees same sex couples being refused their partner’s/spouses pension when they die.
  • Proud can give advice on personal cases that have LGBT specific issues.