PCS Proud is the LGBT equality network for the PCS union. We are a member led organisation that seeks to raise awareness of LGBT issues within our workplace, within our union and beyond. The members of Proud decided, in 2014, that our definition of LGBT would be as follows:

“Those who are not heterosexual or those who do not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth.”

This means that our membership is no longer limited to “Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexual and Trans members of PCS”.

Proud Membership

There are three categories of membership. These are as follows:

Full member: This is the perfect membership for those PCS members who identify as LGBT. Membership is confidential and we won’t share your details with other members/anyone outside PCS, unless you give us permission. We will only use your contact details to contact you about our work, send you updates and respond to communications from you.

Associate member: This is perfect for those PCS members who do not identify as LGBT but support the aims and objectives of PCS Proud. PCS Associate and Retired Members are eligible for Associate membership of Proud whether or not they identify as LGBT. Associate members do not have the right to stand for election or vote on matters at our AGM.

Branch membership: Many PCS branches support the aims and objectives of PCS Proud. We can also provide advice on LGBT specific matters in the workplace if branches want us to. Branches that wish to support us donate £20 per year for membership. Most branches support Proud by passing a resolution to do so at a Branch AGM. A model resolution can be found here.

How is Proud organised?

Every year a National Committee is elected to oversee the work of Proud. The committee consists of Officers, Equality Reps and Regional/Country Representatives. We also have a Standing Orders Committee and Auditors. All of our National Committee are ‘lay reps’. This means that they are PCS Proud members and not employees of the union. A full list of our National Committee can be found here.

Who is in charge of Proud?

Whilst Proud has a committee to oversee the day to day running of Proud, it is Proud members that determine the work that we do and hold our committee to account for their actions. This means that Proud members are in charge of Proud.

Every year we have an Annual General Meeting. This is much like your branch AGM but is specifically for Proud members. The AGM discusses and debates motions that commit the National Committee to undertake work on your behalf whether this is launching campaigns or ensuring that our employers know about LGBT issues that people face in their workplaces. An Annual Report is published on the work of Proud over the last year and members are able to question anything in that report.

PCS Proud also has a Constitution, a set of rules, which governs the group. This constitution is available here.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved with Proud, click here.

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