The voice of LGBT+ members of the PCS Union

Proud’s response to redundancies at EHRC

Following today’s announcement of compulsory redundancies for staff based in the Equality and Human Rights Commission which will take effect from tomorrow, Proud’s Chair Dorion Griffiths has released the following statement on behalf of Proud and in support of PCS, and Unite, members affected by today’s announcement.

“In utterly appalling fashion, EHRC have allowed staff with protected characteristics under equality law to be discriminated against, primarily black and disabled workers suffering the brunt of cuts when directors pay rises continue to happen.

Today, while PCS and Unite members were on strike, a letter of termination was sent to 10 staff members on the grounds of redundancy. Whilst pay in lieu of notice is being given, opportunity for redeployment in the public sector or Civil Service is not an option.

When members of an organisation that champions equality are themselves discriminated against, action needs to be taken.

For every LGBT person who has had support from EHRC, sought advice from EHRC or used EHRC guidance and information, know this – Proud is fundamentally opposed to cuts to the commission and we will seek to support our EHRC comrades in any way we can.

We echo the calls of our comrades and stand in solidarity with you. Also we encourage all members to donate to the hardship funds which can be found on

Protests will be taking place outside EHRC offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff at 12pm tomorrow (10th February), Proud urges all members to attend their nearest protest and to show their support and solidarity with PCS members in the EHRC.


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