LGBT History Month

Held every February, LGBT History Month is an annual celebration of the achievements and contributions of the LGBT community around the world.

LGBT History Month is also an opportunity to remember the struggles many in the LGBT community have endured and to refocus ourselves on continuing to tackle the discrimination that too many LGBT people continue to face on a daily basis.

The theme of this year’s LGBT History Month is Geography. Today more than 70 countries around the world continue to criminalise LGBT citizens on the basis of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Our Union has a proud history of working alongside international organisations and continues to stand against all forms of oppression and discrimination around the world.

Proud encourages all Branches to get involved in LGBT History Month, to engage with members and potential members, promote the work of Proud as well as PCS in tackling LGBT and all other other equality issues and to encourage them to get involved themselves.

To assist Proud have created a Branch Resource Pack, containing information and activities that Branches can use to help organise events in their workplace. Download a copy of the Resource Pack here.

In addition Proud, along with PCS Equality, have created a number of resources for LGBT History Month which can be found below. You can also order copies by contacting PCS Equality directly.

  1. LGBT History Month 2018 Leaflet
  2. LGBT History Month Booklet
  3. LGBT History Month Photo Opp Cards (1)
  4. LGBT History Month Photo Opp Cards (2)