The voice of LGBT+ members of the PCS Union

Proud Wales Members write to David Davies MP (Monmouthshire)

The voice of LGBT Members in the PCS Union


Dear Mr Davies MP


PCS Proud has members who work in public service across the United Kingdom. Some of our members work in your constituency in South East Wales.

We are writing to you in respect of your publication in the South Wales Argus today (31/07/2017).

Your update to constituents is, at very least, harmful to those who identify as Trans. We would like to point out the following parts of the article and provide you with our views.

“It is an absolute given that we should show understanding and compassion towards anyone confused about their gender.”

A lot of trans people are not confused about their gender. Some people, quite simply, identify as follows:

  • A gender which is different to that which they were assigned at birth
  • Multiple genders
  • No gender at all

The fact that a trans person may identify as differently to the way you personally would expect, does not mean that they are confused. It would rather seem that you are the one who is confused.

“However, we cannot consider the rights of transgender people without considering the rights of others.”

Trans people are human, therefore trans rights are human rights. The right to use a toilet, use a changing room or services that are linked to your gender identity is nothing new, people have been doing it for many years. Why should it be different for someone who is trans?


“If a man decides to register him/herself as a woman, should he/she have the right to use women’s toilets, changing rooms, hospital wards, etc.? This would clearly have an impact on the rights of women using those facilities.”

A man would not decide to register himself as a woman. This is the fundamental point that you are missing. This paragraph cheapens and insults people. Nobody chooses their gender. Did you choose your gender?

Secondly, where you talk about the impact on the rights of women using facilities, this is offensive. If a trans woman uses a hospital ward, toilet or changing room, it is because she IS a woman, not a man in women’s clothing….

“I would maintain that anyone in possession of male genitalia should be expected to use male facilities regardless of what gender they feel they are.”

Why would you maintain that gender is what is in someone’s pants? Genitalia is not gender identity.

PCS Proud maintains that gender identity is what is inside, not which genitals you have been born with. This kind of narrow mindset brings in a Trans Exclusionary position in society which is not helpful, but rather harmful.

This kind of ‘Trump-esque’ style politics creates division and hatred. Since the vote on Brexit, it is well documented that hate crimes have risen. We need to work to defeat hateful views, not perpetuate myths that all trans people are ‘men in dresses’ or ‘women with beards’.

We note that your report in the Argus is not actually founded on any fact or research but solely what you believe and your opinion, which clearly is not a learned one.

One’s journey with their sexuality or gender identity is not one that needs understanding by the masses, but accepting by the masses. Not everyone is the same, we are all different and it is in our difference that society actually has a lot in common.

It is clear that your view is at odds with that of the Minister, Justine Greening. Whilst the Prime Minister herself has admitted that her viewpoint and opinion on LGBT rights has changed as time has elapsed, I would have hoped that yours would have too, yet it seems as though you remain particularly narrowminded on subjects that you have little knowledge about.

If you wish to meet with a PCS Proud Representative for Wales so we can discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely


PCS Proud Wales



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