Annual General Meeting 2017


PCS Proud is member led and each year we have a meeting where members elect their representatives, set out the work for the next year by voting on motions/resolutions and hear from guest speakers.

The Annual Report is presented by the Secretary who will give an update of what has happened over the last year and our members can hold them to account.

Please find the AGM Notification and the relevant forms to complete below if you would like to either nominate someone to stand as a rep or submit a motion or both.

You will also find a copy of the expenses form. If you need an overnight stay then please email for the Chair to agree this before booking accommodation. You can also apply for an advance of expenses by contacting


  1. AGM Notice
  2. Annual Report
  3. Candidate Statement Form
  4. Nomination Form No Jobshare
  5. Nomination Form – Wanting to Jobshare with someone
  6. Motion Form
  7. Postal Balllot Request
  8. Expenses Form