Welcome to the newly organised homepage of PCS Proud, the voice of LGBT members of the PCS Union. It is incredibly important that members lead the way in our work to make equality a reality. With trade union structures not being the most easy to understand, we have reorganised the website into specific sections:

What is Proud? – This section talks a bit about what Proud does and how people can become members,

Your Proud – This section tells people how they can get involved in Proud’s work and updates you on what is going on across the UK. This is also where our National Committee will be able to leave bulletins for you in specific areas of our work.

News – This is pretty much as described. When things happen or we want to let members know about something of particular interest, we will post stuff here. Posts here are also shared automatically on our facebook and twitter feeds.

Join Proud – People will be able to join Proud via this page. We are currently working to establish a safe way of receiving membership registrations and so this page may not be functional until this has been achieved. You can still join Proud by emailing Proud@pcs.org.uk where our Membership and Administration Organiser can contact you for the relevant information.

Links – We believe that fighting for equality for all is something that every community should be working to achieve. By working together we are more likely to achieve these things and so we invite you to look at these links to other organisations that might be of help.

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